I’m Caleb.

TL;DR: good at understanding how to get people to buy stuff online

Nothing is impossible to make interesting.

I believe it in news, I believe it in commerce, and I believe it for everything in between.

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People lie. Results don’t. I let the numbers speak for themselves:

TikTok accounts that have directly credited my publicly shared social media strategy & advice for growing from 0 followers followers to 37,000 followers *minimum* within 4 days (@markettomillennials, @ryanmurphy804, @joelroblesmu, @invisible_influence, and more)


Commissioned by major brands like Amazon to create multiple traffic- and conversion-driving short-form videos for their paid and organic social channels


Integrated learnings from social and e-commerce teams at BuzzFeed to implement the first paid social campaign between the two with early experiments yielding ROI’s over 150% within the first 10 days


Increased Facebook traffic, Twitter traffic, & product link clicks by 100%+ YoY through optimizing social packaging & distribution


Growing multiple personal accounts from 0 to 50,000+ followers with less than 15 videos within 1 month


Grew BI’s Instagram audience by 18%, average like per picture by 73%, and the most liked media by 40% in less than three weeks of full creative control by framing content to align with a revamped social strategy and aggressively researching optimal posting behavior

Business Insider

Curated ATTN:’s most trafficked article in its history, driving millions of hits in less than 24 hours


What I Like Doing

Social Media

The reason you’re probably here. Experienced with driving growth and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok

Paid Social

Experienced with Facebook Ads Manager, currently teaching myself Google AdWords on the side


Translating the flow of virality into the flow of money, particularly through Amazon Associates

Photoshop and Premiere Pro

Experienced with Photoshop, mostly use Premiere Pro to turn around quick social-friendly videos


A fun little thing I’m learning about in my free time

Web Design

Just a hobby.

I’m currently available for consulting.

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